Practicing Guards

Protect yourself against different kicks. You may start slowly and tell your partner what kicks to kick, so it's slow and you know what techniques will be performed. Next try to speed up the pace. The most advanced version is…


Ap Dollyo + Side Kick

One person attacks with Ap Dollyo, misses and when the opponent thinks the leg will be dropping down, attacker ads Side Kick to the head. One of Maciej Zuk personal inventions.…

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Stamina (Boxing)

10 seconds boxing different combinations of your choice, after for another 10 seconds boxing all the time with stepping as shown in the video. Perform 3 times without resting.…

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Punch For Punch

Sparring type exercise. You have only one punch (aim for the head) try to balance, dodge, use movement and try to hit your partner on the head. You have one hit and then it's your partner's turn to hit. It…


Sparring Sequence

Start with turning kick (dollyo chagi), when opponent starts to goes forward - perform back kick (dwit chagi), re-attack with punching and turning kick (dollyo chagi) to the head, on another movement forward - perform back kick (dwit chagi) again.…