Destroying Towers

Eeach team has a tower build from shields or other equipment. The aim of the game is to destroy opponens' tower. Kids can crawl only and can try to stop each other by holding their legs. Kicking and punching is…


Catch The Tail

Put your belt behind your trousers (as shown) - the game is to get anybody's belt and save your own. Whoever loses his belt, makes a pushup or other 'penalty'.…

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Ankle Tails

Tie your belts to your ankles, everyone tries to step on other's belt and protects own belt. Whoever gets his belt stepped on - do 1 pushup or other 'penalty'. After that, you join the game again.…

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Flush Tag

Tag game - once you get tagged, you kneel on one knee, keeping one hand straight. You can be saved from this and join the game, when another person sits on your knee and push your hand down as if…


Run Or Get Hit Game

People are laying in a circle. One (or more - if you have large group) attackers hit the chosen targets (other students) they can avoid hitting by laying next to other person, then that person is under attack. Now he/she…


VIP Game

One person is a VIP, who has his crazy fan. Fan is traying to touch, grab the VIP, bodyguard needs to protect the VIP, but can not punch or kick the fan of course.…

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Magnetic Tag Game

Every student holds a shield, playing a tag game. If you connect your shield with someone's else (max 3 seconds) you are safe. You can not connect with the same person two times in a row.…

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