Stamina (Boxing)

10 seconds boxing different combinations of your choice, after for another 10 seconds boxing all the time with stepping as shown in the video. Perform 3 times without resting.…

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Magnetic Tag Game

Every student holds a shield, playing a tag game. If you connect your shield with someone's else (max 3 seconds) you are safe. You can not connect with the same person two times in a row.…

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Islands Game

There are few shields on the ground (fewer than students) and students are playing tag game. If one stands on a shield (max 3 seconds) he/her is safe. Other students may push themselves off the shields, so noone on the…


Over 1, Over 2

Jump both feet through the shields, jump over one and then jump over two; over one, over two... forward as fast as you can. Perform across the dojang.…

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