Reflex Exercise

Both partners staying next to each other, facing different directions. One performs backfist and the other one avoids by moving back and then goes forward with dollyo 360 degree as shown in the video.…

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Nanny Game

One person (or more depending on number of students) is nanny and others are toddlers that are constantly moving away from the line (place) where they should stay. The simplest version is when they move forward (but only in seated…


Ankle Tails

Tie your belts to your ankles, everyone tries to step on other's belt and protects own belt. Whoever gets his belt stepped on - do 1 pushup or other 'penalty'. After that, you join the game again.…

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Run With Crazy

Run holding your partner in front of you, partner acts like crazy or kidnapped person, makes it hard for you. Run across the dojand and change roles.…

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Resistance Pushing

Face to face with partner, pushing hands forward like punching, but trying to give resistance to partners punches. Do that for a 10-15 seconds, then try to move as fast as you both can.…

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